Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Movie Review                                                                                       
After watching the movie Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, I felt OK. Once I thought I was watching Jab We Met, then got a glimpse of Wake up Sid.  But yes the plot has a new storyline though. Boring Rahul Kapoor aka Imran Khan, in the mid of his 20s, is a perfect obedient son of a too perfect parents, who one day got drunk and got married to Raina Barganza aka Kareena Kapoor, a hair stylist and always a happy go lucky kind of girl in her late 20s, who was drunk too. The result- next morning after understanding their mistakes, they filed for annulling their marriage. Between the fortnight process of annulment the duo got closer to each other and Rahul falls in love with Raina, where Raina till the end of the movie judge Rahul only as her good friend.  The movie ends with a hope that maybe one day they will become a couple and will live happily ever after.

Debutante Shakun Batra directed the movie. Imraan Acted well and very nicely suited in the role of a mama's boy. On the other hand Kareena also played nice but we all have become bored seeing her in a same attire of jovial, vivacious, desperate, happy go lucky type of role. Music is good. Mainly the Song Auntyji will surely make you tap your feet whether you know to dance or not.

Overall the movie is not up to the mark as we expected. And one question to the movie industry- Why most of the Characters end up their boring jobs, taking a carrier in Photography. Is there only one creative job left for the boys to take????


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